Travel Toddler Bed Or A Travel Crib

Which Option Should You Consider?

If you have an older kid or a baby, the decision to buy a travel bed or a travel crib may not be a straightforward one. This is because there are different types and brands of toddler beds and you may not know the right one if you don’t have much experience on the matter. Do not rush to the market and pick any toddler bed you find fanciful without doing your research about the product. Before you buy a travel toddler bed for your kid, consider your child’s needs and what will be best for him. Below are some of the most important things to consider before buying a travel toddler bed for your kid.

How old is your child?

Obviously, the age of your child will determine the type of travel bed that will be more appropriate for them. If your child is under two years, then the most appropriate option will be a travel crib. This is safer for your child because it will keep them contained in the bed designed specifically for kids of this age. However, if your child is above two years the decision on the right type of bed may not be easier because they can fit into almost any type of kid bed. But if your child sleeps in a single bed or a toddler bed, a toddler travel bed will be more appropriate. On the other hand, if they are used to sleeping in a crib at home, a travel bed will suit them better.

A travel toddler bed is more ideal for kids who are older than two years. It will suit them until they are over 6 years old and able to travel without the need for a travel bed. Toddler beds are very easy to fold and some of the best ones can easily be converted to strollers. This will come in very handy in case you want to take your child for shopping or for strolling. So, they provide a sleeping place as well as a place where they can rest and play.
Travel Toddler Bed Or A Travel Crib
The best travel toddler beds are also very easy to fold and kept at the back of your car. They are easy to assemble and converted into a cot or a stroller as the case may be.

Overall, the product you select will depend on the age of your child and what they are familiar with at home. If your child sleeps in a regular bed, a travel toddler bed will be ideal. However, if he/she needs a crib at home, a travel crib will be the best option.

Which Is The Best Toddler or Regular Bed

When it is time to move your toddler out of the crib, the question that many dread dealing with is do we put them on a toddler bed or a regular bed? Some feel that the toddler bed is the only way to go while others feel that a regular size is the best choice.
Which Is The Best Toddler or Regular Bed
You are the parent here and you ought to make your decisions – you know your child and their requirements forget what everyone is telling you to do and focus on what you require and the right way to meet that requirement.
We look into both the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing either the toddler bed or regular bed to enlighten you on what choices to make, we hope this helps.

Advantages of a toddler bed:

a. A toddler bed gives you the advantage of using the same crib mattress and beddings that your child has been using which may make the transition easier only if there is no other child on the way.
b. The toddler bed is low to the ground making it easier for the child to climb on and off.
c. Most toddler beds have guard rails that prevents the child from falling or rolling out in their sleep. Rails give the child a sense of security of being enclosed and the fear of falling is eliminated.
d. Toddler beds allow different designs, shapes and shades of colors that can easily be matched to specific themes in the child’s room.
e. It fits in small spaces and is friendly to those with small houses. Those with bigger houses, they get bigger play spaces which is healthy for children.

You can see best toddler bed here:

Disadvantages of a toddler bed:

a. The toddler bed is designed for a child aged between the ages of one to three or four, making it short lived.
b. Transitioning a child from the crib to a toddler bed isn’t easy for most parents which is why most parents want to skip this step.
c. With the toddler bed low, children learn how to be naughty by climbing off at night when they should be sleeping.


Advantages of regular bed:

a. Regular bed is used for a long period of time without having to change or move to another one reducing the expense of buying another bed later in life.
b. A child learns early in life how to sleep on the regular bed and no transitioning occurs leaving a child free from emotional turmoil.
c. Temporary rails can be mounted to protect a child from falling with the option of removing them off later in life.


Disadvantages of Regular bed:

a. The regular bed is too high, this slows down the child from learning how to climb on and off the bed. It also poses as risk if the children fall. The idea to place pillows or another mattress on the floor to soften the blow in case of a fall. This is an added expense.
b. A regular bed takes up bigger, wider spaces, this is a disadvantage to homes with small spaces.
c. It is an added expense to buy guard rails and mount them on the regular bed to prevent children from falling off.

From the above advantages and disadvantages covered, it becomes easier to make a decision on what bed to invest on. It is important to learn that every family has different issues, sleep issues, preferences and budgets to deal with so there is never one solution that is right for everyone, but there is a right bed out there for each one of you.

It is important to find information that you require also from the sellers at the time of your purchase, ask for their advice. Get advice also form parents who have older kids than your own. All of us are surrounded by people who have expertise in areas that we need advice, let’s not shy away from enquiring.

Whether a regular bed or a toddler bed, remember the most important factor to consider is the comfort of your child in their sleep, as much as you enquire for advice don’t compromise on your child’s comfort for anything else, remember they grow in their sleep, it better be the best no matter the cost!

Re-usingold Toddler Beds and Cribs

Re-usingold Toddler Beds and Cribs

Source: DIY HomeThings

It is the joy of every parent to watch their children grow from tiny little tots to toddlers and finally to responsible family members that can be entrusted with tasks. You will all agree with me that they grow very fast; they quickly outgrow their clothes, toys, cribs and even their toddler beds.

Most families tend to hoard all their children’s stuff and fill up space with things that are no longer in use. What they don’t realize is that this is a great opportunity to teach their young ones how to re-use old items no longer in use in a good way.

Did you know that most of the kids’ items can be reused? Some of the toys maybe broken or damaged but consider other things like clothes, beds, cots, beddings etc. most of these are left in good shape even after use.

Of all these items, we will discuss how to re-useyour toddler bed and crib, you can:
Click here to see the tips about re-usingold toddler beds.

1. Donate to charity or homes: There are many less privileged people than you in the society, what your family calls old and used may turn out to be new to another. Take this chance with your family to give your old toddler beds and cribs to a family in need or a children’s home. This will go a long way in supporting those kids who require a decent sleeping area. If the bed is in bad shape, you can remodel it and add some paint to give it a fresh look.

2. Sell them in thrift market:
Did you know that thrift markets have got good used items and that many people flock the market to buy them. Your toddler bed may help someone in return of some cash that would benefit your budget in some way.

3. Give it away to a recycling group or join one to learn how to recycle your old unwanted things: Recycling old unwanted things has become so important today with many realizing the amount of good things put to waste every day.

Should you choose to Do-it-yourself for your family’s use, you can design simpledifferent items from that old crib or toddler bed, for example:

a. Turn it into a toddler bed bench:
This must be a wooden toddler bed, it will give you good results and you can use the bench to sit out in the foyer or set it out in the garden for those quiet evening times. If you are not able to do it yourself you can ask a carpenter who will charge you little cash to do it for you.

b. Turn it into a play table: This is simply done with the removal of the drop side and attach a board painted with the blackboard paint where the mattress was previously. It turns out to be a wonderful table with a chalkboard top for your children.

c. Turn it into a patio swing:
Your kids will love the new patio swing and they will hardly believe it is their old bed. It is as simple as removing the crib rail on one side, adjusting the height of the mattress bed and hanging the new swing from the ceiling with the help of four sturdy ropes for a complete stunning bed swing for your family.

These and many more are great items that you can design with your old stuff and get new items that your entire family will enjoy using. This also teaches your children as they are growing that things once purchased can go a long way in future, way after their original use is exhausted. It’s a very creative way to teach your children to become re-cyclers in future.

Get into the habit of re-using your old items to make out new improved ones even in future. We only talked about toddler beds but there are many other things that we have left out in terms of household furniture.

It is advisable to try out your new designs that will earn you good remarks from your friends on your uniqueness and soon many will be following your direction or ordering from you. This saves you quite a lot of money and gives your heart contentment in seeing you are teaching your family the right values in using and re-using. You are on the right path, keep re-using!